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"The Administrative Court recognizes the added value of the work done by EUROSIS, which is quite satisfactory, both from a professional perspective as well as interpersonal relationships. The company always allocates consultants with appropriate skills and that produce high quality results. The Administrative Court also recognizes the quality of the methodological tools and the results of the assignments realized by EUROSIS."

Luís Herculano
Administrative Court General Secretary

"I worked with in EUROSIS during the CAP Baseline Study on HIV / AIDS for the Water Sector in six provinces, as part of the National Water Sector Development (PNDA) and national CAP Baseline Study on HIV / AIDS during the early stages of the Integrated Program of Professional Education Reform (PIREP). In these projects, EUROSIS showed a great capacity in terms of conceptualization, organization, logistics and production of information, which attests to its reputation."

Edmundo Jossefa
Executive Secretariat Director - COREP

“I know EUROSIS team and consulting work for the past five years. With regards to Public Finance Management, I know their work with Tribunal Administrativo and with the Performance Audit to the Agriculture Sector. I acknowledge the quality of the Work EUROSIS produced in the latest Performance Audit to the Agriculture Sector. They reviewed critically a number of policies, plans and reports and provided value adding insights to improve performance within the Sector. I would contract EUROSIS for future complex assignments”

Carlos Maurício Figueiredo
International Expert - GIZ

“It has been a pleasure cooperating with the consultancy agent during the preparation and implementation of the Audit Group of the G19 in some Analytical Work on Performance Audit. EUROSIS was able to guide both the process and substance well. The key strategic questions were brought to the table and EUROSIS facilitate the discussion amongst the members of the audit group adequately. I can recommend EUROSIS as a good consultancy company and would confidently contract them again when appropriate”

Christne Pirenne
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands / Maputo-Mozambique

“We know EUROSIS for their critical analysis on complex matters, capacity to respond quickly, results based approach, capacity to identify and deal with divergent expectations, unexpected constraints, as well as managing complex logistical demands to facilitate and implement training and other project related activities in a very difficult environment.
EUROSIS has an excellent team of professionals as well as a network of associate consultants with outstanding cross-cut skills and competences”

Alex Cook at Glasgow
Senior Project Manager at SQA - Scottish Qualification Authority

“... their support has been phenomenal on both technical and personal grounds. The firm has an excellent team of professionals with an outstanding set of numerous skills. Their role in the Maputo Municipal Program Project has been extremely positive and instrumental to the success of the project. From my point of view, throughout these years has brought huge value added to program preparation and supervision.”

Uri Raich
Sr. Urban Specialist - Africa Urban and the Water Unit / The World Bank

“Eurosis has proved to be crucial in the rapid development of projects that meet the requirements of the NICHE programme. Nuffic knows Eurosis as a reliable institution, and counts on its initiative power, proactive attitude and potential. Nuffic has certainly the intention of continuing this relationship”

Rosa Borges
Senior Programme Officer - Nuffic

"... EUROSIS brings together competence, professionalism and a sharp focus on results. They deserve a privileged place within the framework of excellence of service firms in Mozambique."

Roberto White
Former Minister of Public Works and Housing

“Inspiration, knowledge, demanding professionalism and honesty are some of the hallmarks for the quality of the tailor made training programme developed by EUROSIS; thank you!”

Ana Dulce Guizado and Helene Anderson Novela
Program Director and Country Representative at Save the Children Norway in Mozambique