The integration and performance of the teams directly contributes to the performance of organizations. On the other hand, a stronger team results from a better knowledge and self-management of the "I" (the "I" s that constitute the teams) andthe strengthening of the interpersonal relationships.

 We privilege, thus, also the improving of the self knowledge (self-awareness) of poeple and between people who constitute the teams.

In carrying out the activities of a teambuilding we try to work not only in the visible part (behavioral), but also as far as possible at the reasons behind such behavior.

It is about an experiential methodology based on experience, focusing on the reality of the organization. Throughout the application of this methodology seeks to stir the emotions, applies techniques that allow a greater retention of information so that the information can reach the long-term memory of the learner.

  • Quadrado Perfeito

  • Linha de Produção

  • Espelho

  • Helium Stick

  • Toxic Waste

  • Pipeline (marble)

  • Frenzi

  • Interlocker

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