The MBTI instrument was developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers and is based on the work of Carl Jung and his theory of psychological types.

It is used worldwide for 60 years, and offers a useful method for understanding people based in the eight personality preferences that everyone uses at different times.

These eight preferences are organized into four dichotomies, each one composed of a pair of opposite preferences. In making the assessment, the four preferences that the individual identifiy to be the most closely resembles to his personality are combined into a type.

EUROSIS has 2 trainers internationally certified for the personality assessment tool most used internationally - MBTI.

The MBTI assessment makes the theory of Carl Jung's psychological type understandable and very practical, helping people to identify their preferences in four areas.

This personality test allows people to know each other better and to better understand the personality differences.

More than two million people carry MBTI test per year.

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